Salt & More Spain

C/ Fernando Pessoa, 54-64 Barcelona

Salt & More Europe

Heinrich Haubner Str, 11 A-5020 Salzburg

Salzburg and Barcelona are the cities that represent the merger that we want to transmit with Trade&More. The Mediterranean and the Central Europe get closer, not only from a commercial and productive point of view, but also of cultural exchange, specially in the gastronomy area.

In Salzburg you will find the commercial offices, which establish contacts in the set of Central Europe, Western and Oriental. It is also a logistic center of Central and Western Europe.

In Barcelona, the 20.000 are m2 of industrial surface is where Trade&More proeucts give  life they are prepared for the distribution. The Quality, Research and Development Center is also placed in Barcelona.


Salt & More Spain

C/ Fernando Pessoa, 54-64
Barcelona. España
93 921 34 09

Salt & More Central Europe

Heinrich Haubner Str, 11
A-5020 Salzburg. Austria
+43 664 3402828